WHAT IS 88 DAYS?? Also known as ‘regional work’ or farm work, this work is compulsory for working holiday visa (WHV) makers to complete in order to obtain another WHV. If you are on your first WHV, you must complete 3 months of regional work (or 88 days) to obtain your second WHV. If you are on your second WHV you must complete 6 months to obtain your third WHV. This work is very specific and dictated by the government. Even though Australia as a country is experiencing a teacher shortage, teaching is NOT on the regional job list for WHV. If you are considering teaching in Australia long term and don’t wish to do regional work, other visa options are available. 

Surprisingly to some, most regional jobs are obtained through facebook groups. So our first recommendation is to join them ALL. Yes this will be annoying for the time being but the satisfaction of leaving them at the end is worth it. The best ones are  Australia Backpackers 2023, Backpacker Jobs Australia 2023-2024, Farm Work Australia, Backpacker Jobs Australia, Australian Independent Backpackers, also if you are from Ireland like us, you can join the Irish around Sydney, Irish around Melbourne, Irish around Brisbane they are good for finding all kinds of things such as jobs, housing even friends!