Hi! We are Hannah & Niamh <3

Welcome to our wonderful adventure we call life!

We first met on Tinder (lesbian norm these days lol) in 2016. It was a bit of a coincidence actually as Niamh, who was 21 at the time, had just set her minimum match age to 19 and wasn’t it just Hannah’s luck that they matched the day after her 19th birthday!

These photos are from our first date recreation photos in the Perch bar in Belfast. We recreate the same photo, on the same date, every year at the same place with the same clothes (let’s hope they continue to fit for another few years)




Now, almost 7 years later we have gone through a long distance relationship stage, the ‘U-haul’ stage, right back to long distance and now finally to travelling the world together!


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2016 & 2017

This was the ‘honeymoon’ stage. We started talking on the 5th of August 2016. Met on the 16th, and were official by the 28th! However, Hannah moved from Northern Ireland to Newcastle, England at the start of September. The long distance was hard at first but we hadn’t overly spent all the long together to know any different and it kept things fun! We loved spending all our ‘firsts’ together – first birthdays together, first Christmas… Once Hannah finished her first year we went on our first holidays together to Salou and then to Prague. That’s when we knew travelling was were we were most happy together.


2018 & 2019


2020 & 2021

2022 & 2023